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Make Hexa Center Truly Yours

At Hexa Center, we believe your Electronic Medical Record system should fit like a glove. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to be as adaptable as you are, enabling you to mold Hexa Center into the perfect tool for your team's unique needs.


Create Your Team, Your Way

Start by setting up your own team roles, just like you have in your day-to-day work. Whether they're doctors, psychologists, clients, suppliers, or anything else, you can create a spot for them in Hexa Center that truly reflects their role.

Custom Fields

Add a Personal Touch

For each role, you can easily add custom fields. Need to note allergies for each client? No problem, just drag and drop a new input into their role. Need to keep track of a supplier's VAT ID? Easy peasy, just add it in! With Hexa Center, you have the freedom to note down exactly what you need, when you need it.

Program Builder

Design Your Own Treatment Plans

We also offer a flexible program builder, allowing you to create your own treatment plans from scratch. This means you can transfer your real-world workflow straight into Hexa Center, without having to adjust to a new system.

Program Resumability

As Many Program Steps as You Need

Once you've made a program, you can add it's steps to a patient's dossier as often as necessary. This lets you keep track of progress and ensure consistency in patient care, without any extra hassle.

We've built Hexa Center to work for you, not the other way around. We want to make your healthcare management as smooth and personal as possible, so you can focus on what you do best: providing top-notch care to your patients.


Streamline Your Appointments

Ditch the old-school planners and step into the future of scheduling with Hexa Center’s modern calendar. Choose from a variety of views—month, week, workweek, or day to see your appointments in a way that suits you best.

Working Hours

Customizable Workweek Views

Take the guesswork out of your schedule. With Hexa Center, your workweek view is customized according to your set working hours. At a glance, you can see when you're free and when you're booked.

Multi-Calendar View

Teamwork Made Easy

Say goodbye to double-bookings and missed appointments. With Hexa Center, you can view and make appointments in your team members' calendars. It’s all about making coordination within your healthcare organization seamless.

Appointment Types

Appointment Types, Tailored to You

Take control of your appointments with customizable types that act as templates. Define a standard duration, description, and even assign a color label for each type. With Hexa Center, managing your different appointments is a cinch.

Video Calls

Embrace the Future with Video Calls

We're not just about making things easier—we're about making them better. That’s why Hexa Center supports video call appointments, enabling you to provide personalized care to your patients, no matter where they are.

Transforming your healthcare organization's scheduling process has never been this easy.


Upgrade to Modern Patient Records with Our Innovative Dossier System

Experience the evolution of patient record-keeping with Hexa Center's advanced dossier system. Designed to simplify and streamline your documentation process, our dossiers offer flexibility and functionality in a user-friendly package.


Multiple Clients, One Dossier

Say goodbye to separate files for partners, family members, or group patients. With our modern dossier concept, you can easily manage multiple clients in a single dossier. Program steps can be marked as individual or joint, providing clarity and accuracy in treatment plans.

External Steps

Customizable Questionnaires

Add another layer of personalization with custom-built questionnaires that seamlessly integrate into your dossiers. Send them directly to clients and watch as their responses populate in the right place, creating a comprehensive view of their healthcare journey.


Keep Track with Timeline

Stay on top of everything with our timeline feature, where every event gets logged. It’s like having a bird’s eye view of your client’s history, right at your fingertips.


File Uploads

Need to attach additional documents to a dossier? No problem! Our system allows you to upload a wide variety of file types, including PDFs, photos, audio, and video. Keep all relevant information and materials in one place, easily accessible whenever you need it.


Flexible Notes

Our dossier isn't just about structure, we're all about flexibility too! With Notes, you can create open-ended notes or reports, providing you with a space to jot down observations or insights outside of the predefined programs.

With Hexa Center's modern dossier system, managing patient records has never been this efficient

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