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Minor update v1.2.0

We have added the following:

  • Program resumability
  • Dossier pdf export functionality
  • Are you sure modal when mailing external steps
  • The ability to add and remove clients onto an existing dossier
  • Link form item
  • File upload progress bar
  • Better add to calendar buttons into appointment invite mails

We have fixed the following:

  • Score form item outcome visibillity
  • Calendar workweek navigation
  • Group dossier form values behavior
  • Unwanted browser autcompletion
  • Titles when hovering over table columns
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Path update v1.1.1

We have patched the following:

  • Automatically getting logged out every now and then
  • Styling issues when adding a program on a dossier
  • When working on a smaller screen (in height) the news items on the home screen were overlapping, now they can be scrolled through
  • No way to re-mail the external steps to the clients
  • Weird and inconsistent behaviour on table views when scrolling
  • When working on a smaller screen (in width) the form builder items labels were squashed together
  • Users in select inputs are now grouped by their role
  • Weird and inconsistent behaviour when searching for a user inside a select input
  • Appointment hosts not receiving a mail when someone else creates it
  • Auto theme not updating your theme without having to refresh
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Minor update v1.1.0

We have updated the following:

  • Dossiers now support file uploading
  • Time inputs now have a clock icon to select the time
  • There is a new work week view In the calendar that only shows the days that you've set in your working hours preference
  • When filtering data in the table views you can now make use of the between dates filter type where applicable
  • Daily changing background "image of the day"
  • Auto theme that changes to light from 08:00 to 18:00 and dark after that
  • "Are you sure" modals when changing routes while having unsaved data
  • The side-bar navigation is now collapsible
  • You can now filter dossier on clients and users on their role
  • Save buttons are now labeled create
  • Improved loading state
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Patch update v1.0.1

We have patched the following:

  • Dossier screen crashing after adding a program without steps
  • Calendar not adjusting to screen size
  • Appointments not closing after creating / updating
  • Ability to select an appointment host that is also a guest on the appointment and vice versa
  • Ability to create appointments with the same start date as ending date
  • Wrong email template when inviting a new guest to an already existing appointment
  • Program not updating after linking or unlinking a program step
  • Program step link select input not updating after creating new program steps
  • Numerous missing dutch translations
  • No error message when adding duplicate date, e.g. a property with the same name
  • Customer portal program step form missing chapters an text form items
  • When adding a new guest to an appointment the appointment stays unsaved
  • "Update your own profile" button is on every user when not able to edit instead of only yourself
  • Rich text editor toolbar background not uniform
  • Working hours not accepting night shifts
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Roger, liftoff, and the clock is started!

We're proud to announce the liftoff of Hexa Center. As Alan Shepard once said: Roger, liftoff, and the clock is started!

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