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Client portal

The client portal functionality is part of the Medical module. The Medical module is a paid feature, ask your Hexa Center representative for more information about paid features. The client portal functionality allows (external) clients to fill out questionnaires made by users. Questionnaires are made via the programs page and are part of a client's dossier.

1. Sending out questionnaires

Sending out questionnaires to clients was designed to be as simple and easy to understand as possible, however there are some guidelines worth studying before sending out questionnaires.

Pay close attention to the Responder mode, Addition Mode and Answer Mode options when creating your program steps, as these options determine whether your step is available to be send out to clients, what steps are added by default when creating a dossier, and whether answers are shared among clients. Read more about these options on the Programs page.

Use the Mail to clients button to send out questionnaire(s) to clients. Make sure you have added a step first, otherwise this button will not be visible. Please review your step before sending it out as a questionnaire, as the email sending proces can not be undone.

The Mail to clients button is only visible when that step's Responder mode is set to External. Read more about the different step options on the Programs page.

After sending out the email, the Mailed on field updates to show the last date an email has been send out, which should be the date you pressed the Mail to clients button on.

1.2. Client email guidelines

Please make sure to first understand these guidelines before sending out programs to clients:

Make sure the client's email address is up-to-date before sending them an email. Make sure the client's expecting the email, otherwise they might suspect its spam. Clients might also call your or our support line to ask about the legitimacy of an email they have recieved.

Our system has no way of tracking an email once it has been sent out. Please refer to the overview below for reasons as to why a client might not recieve an email.

The client's email box spam filters are blocking the email, either placing it in a spam folder, or blocking it outright. The client's email field is not up to date. The client's email box is full. The client has blocked the Hexa-center email address.

1.2. The client portal step selection page

The client portal page is designed to be as barebones and easy to understand as possible. Multiple step dossiers are represented by multiple buttons on the step selection screen. Clients can click on a button to navigate to that step. The back button navigates back to the step selection screen.

An overview of the step selection screen can be found below:

Client portal step selection screen

1.3. Filling out questions via the client portal

After selecting a step the client is presented with the step's questions. The overall look of this page differs based on whether the step consists of sections or individual questions. For this example we will be representing a step consisting of sections, as we recommend dividing (large) steps into sections. This improved readability and easy of management. More information about the benefits of sections can be found on the Programs page.

Click on a section to expand it and reveal the questions. Labels and descriptions of questions and sections are all visible to clients. Label text is larger, while description text is smaller.

Our client portal questionnaire system is not that much different from other questionnaire websites. Each question in the questionnaire is accompanied by clear and concise form fields. Inputting your responses is as easy as filling in the blanks, ensuring a seamless experience for every client.

Client portal filling out step